4thenewyou Sensory Body Sock for Autism for Anxiety Fidget Stress Relief ADHD Stretchy Lycra Body Sox (Medium)

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FULL BODY SENSORY Bodysock Helps to Calm and Reduce Stress Extra Stretchy Durable but Soft and Comforting Providing Pressure Stimulation. Lycra Body Sock a Perfectly Safe COMPRESSION & RESISTANCE Solution Which Offers your child a chance to explore space while in the seclusion of their own little world.

This Exercise offers a Calming effect as well as a source of great tactile and sensory input. This Body Sock can be used for therapy at home or away, and when added to a daily sensory routine, it offers great long lasting improvement of self calming, concentration and confidence.

Soft and Breathable, Encourages Imaginative Play, Motor Co-ordination, and establishes body boundaries. The children can ‘hide’ and take comfort as the Body Sock can act as a safe haven for them when they need it. Kids love to stay in it because it can help them to release so much stress.

Medium Body Sock 47 x 27inches